IPR relating to software


     Except in the U.S.A., the generally accepted principle (worldwide) is that computer programs should be protected by copyright, whereas apparatus using computer software or software-related inventions should be protected by patent.

     Tekcem sells IPRs relating to technical computer programs and embedded software. The Intellectual Property Purchase Agreement relates to the transfer of confidential information (including the disclosure of the source code), the Copyright and the purchase of the related patent, when applicable.

     In 2009, Tekcem sold the LocalDef software, which had been purchased from Excem. This program provides automatic fault location in submarine cable systems, when it is used with a suitable hardware.

     Tekcem currently offers the SpiceLine software for sale. This program is used for the simulation of multiconductor transmission lines. We provide a training course, the source code, additional tools and the SpiceLine trademark.


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