ZXair-A IP portfolio

Name of the intellectual property portfolio: ZXair-A.

Sectors: chip manufacturing.
Technical areas: vertical signal transmission in stacked chips.

Title of the patent family Family
Receiver for near-field chip-to-chip multichannel transmission P50
Transmitter for near-field chip-to-chip multichannel transmission P52

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Item ID Jurisdiction Application No. Filing date Patent or PCT publ. No. Issue Date Family
P50-A France 10/02802 2 Jul 2010 FR 1002802 20 Jul 2012 P50
P50-B PCT PCT/IB2011/052253 24 May 2011 WO 2012/001545 N/A
P52-A France 11/01902 21 Jun 2011 Pending Pending P52
P52-B PCT PCT/IB2012/052709 30 May 2012 WO 2012/176081 N/A


     Three-dimensional (3-D) integration enables an effective integration of complex systems. In a package using 3-D integration, chips may be stacked and structurally combined. In such a system-in-package (SiP), the vertical distance for signal transmission between two chips is typically smaller than 200 μm. Many vertical chip-to-chip transmission techniques have been developed. Techniques using through-silicon vias (TSVs) require an increased process complexity, whereas near-field chip-to-chip transmission does not involve specific manufacturing steps.

     The ZXair-A portfolio relates to a receiver and a transmitter for a near-field chip-to-chip multichannel transmission system such as the capacitive or inductive links used for vertical signal transmission between the stacked chips of a SiP using 3-D integration. These inventions can be used to reduce crosstalk between the transmission channels, over a wide bandwidth. Thus, it becomes possible to increase the number of transmission channels which may be created in a given area and/or to increase the transmission distance.

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