Selling inventions

     Tekcem provide inventions to companies which use open innovation to improve their technology. We have a broad-ranging expertise and competence to patent transactions in the area of electrical engineering. Unlike brokerage firms which only mediate between a buyer and a seller, we only offer for sale patents and patent applications owned by the Excem group (to which Tekcem belongs) and which are within our field of technical expertise. Thus, we can provide a strong support to our customers. The assets offered for sale have usually been invented within the Excem group, but we can also sell patents that were purchased by Tekcem.

     Tekcem sells inventions covered by a granted patent or a pending patent application. We sometimes license inventions. We often also sell the related know-how, including technical reports, simulation results, specific simulation tools, and/or training.

     The following patent porfolios are currently available for sale:

     The following patent porfolios have been sold, listed in reverse chronological order of the assignment to our clients:

     The valuation of each portfolio is based upon an extensive knowledge of the global marketplace. A long experience in monetizing intellectual property assets of companies based in France allows us to take into account the cost reduction resulting from the local public policies, tax legislation and tax credit incentives such as the tax credit for research.

     If you need more commercial, due diligence or technical information, or if you want to submit an offer, do not hesitate to contact us in confidence.


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